Race Directors

Race Director Packet

The Race Director Reference Manual is a tool we at Super Race Systems created to offer guidance and a point of reference for race directors of all experience levels. The information included helps steer race directors from the initial decisions to host an event, thru race day as well as the weeks following. The reference manual offers benefits to even the most seasoned race director as it can serve to remind and offer peace of mind that everything has been seen to. So if you’re looking for a few tips or a detailed step by step process this manual is another way Super Race Systems can help you.

Contents Include:

  • Timetables/Checklists
  • Establishing A Race Committee
  • Budgets
  • Venue Selection/Course Design
  • Sponsorship
  • Promotion/Attracting Entrants
  • Registration
  • Runner Safety/Medical
  • Legal Issues/Insurance
  • Volunteers
  • Specialized Personnel
  • Equipment
  • Special Entrants
  • Municipal Interactions
  • Packet Pickup
  • Race Logistics
  • Timing/Scoring
  • Awards
  • Cleanup
  • Website Maintenance
  • Survey/Email
  • Debrief Meeting
  • Thank You’s

**The Race Director packet is included with every Super Race Systems contract.

Race Director Checklist

Below is the main checklist from our race director packet. This is a brief insight of the information provided within the packet that is available to you. This checklist is intended to provide a good overview of what you would need for a moderately sized event. The individuality that each race takes on does mean that this list will vary from event to event. Use it as a starting point and feel free to add or remove items as you find necessary.

Entry Form                                         

Info You Provide

  • Date of Race, Start Time, Location
  • Entry Fee/ Fee Change Schedule
  • Parking Information
  • Race Distance, Course Description
  • Course Map
  • Awards Breakdown
  • Awards Ceremony Time
  • T-Shirt/ Packet Pickup Information
  • Race Contact -Mailing Address, Email, Phone Number
  • Sponsor Logos, Assisting Vendors
  • Municipality Recognition
  • Waiver

Info The Participants Provide

  • Name, Address, Telephone, Email
  • Age on Race Day
  • Gender
  • Team Information
  • T-Shirt Size
  • Signature on Waiver

Promoting the Event

  • Distribute Entry Forms
  • Listed on Race Calendars
  • Local Media
  • Flyers


Tasks to Complete Leading Up to Your Race

  • Permits
  • Liability Insurance
  • Police Contact Established
  • Medical Personnel Contacted
  • Course Measurement/Certification
  • Signage Prepared
  • T-Shirts Printed
  • Awards Ordered
  • Race Bibs Printed
  • Entry Form Data Sent to Timing Company
  • Volunteers Appointed Course Positions
  • Website Established/Updated


  • Cleanup (Start, Finish, Course, Staging Areas, Awards Area)
  • Results Published on Website
  • Results Sent To Press
  • Thank You’s to Volunteers, Committee, and Sponsors
  • Post Race Evaluation
  • Volunteer Party
  • Recovery…..

Race Day 

  • Course Markings in Place
    • Mile Markers
    • Turn Signs
    • Split Callers
  • Volunteer Assignments Posted
  • Volunteer Coffee
  • Registration/Packet Pickup Area Setup
  • Police Briefed
  • Course Volunteers Briefed
  • Start/Finish Workers Briefed
  • Photographers Briefed
  • Lead Vehicle/Trail Vehicle Briefed
  • Timing Company up to speed
  • Banners in Place, Sponsor Logos Visible
  • Sound System for Announcing/Awards
  • Rest Room Facilities/Port-a-Potties
  • Start/Finish Setup
    • Pace Signs
    • Clock
    • Timing System
    • Power Available
    • Water
    • Recording Sheets
    • Spindles
    • Tent
    • Water Station
      • Cups
      • Coolers
      • Pitchers
      • Brooms/Rakes
      • Trash Bags
    • Medical
      • Tent
      • Communication Capabilities
      • Ice
      • Fluids
      • Personnel Prepared
    • Results Printing
      • Tables/Chairs
      • Power
      • Printer Setup
      • Area Away from Runners
    • Awards Displayed
    • Results Posting Area Designated

Volunteer Descriptions

These are a few key areas each race will want to focus on for volunteer recruitment:

  • Start/Finish Coordination
  • Finish Line Food/Beverage
  • Course Marshals
  • Course Water Station
  • Registration/Packet Pick-up

Clear volunteer job descriptions/instructions are very important to a successful event. Communicating with your volunteers prior to the event is the key to a well organized group on race day. Below is a sample instruction letter for volunteers. This example, as well as other race planning tips and advice, can be found in our Race Director Packet.

Hello Volunteers,

From all of us at [Event Organizers], we would like to thank you for signing up to volunteer at the [Event Name] on [Event Date] in [Event Location]. We have assigned you to the Start/Finish Area from[Time Range]. This event would not be possible without the support of our dedicated volunteers!

START/ FINISH AREA REGISTRATION ASSIGNMENTS: Your station is the Race Registration tent which is denoted by the                            on the map. You will assist                             with race registration and packet pick-up. Further instructions will be given when you arrive.

[List of Volunteers]

START/FINISH AREA “FLOATER” ASSIGNMENTS: You will be given a specific duty upon arrival.  Please report directly to the Volunteer Check-In Tent, which is represented as a                       on the attached map. Jobs may include volunteer check-in, crowd control, award ceremony assistant, refreshment distribution, poster making station, or anything else that needs to be done.

[List of Volunteers]

FINISH AREA REFRESHMENT STATION ASSIGNMENTS: Your station is denoted by the                      on the attached map. This is where you will report for duty after you have checked in at the Volunteer Check-In Tent, represented as a                      on the map.

[List of Volunteers]

– Each water station will have a “captain”, who is in charge of that area (captain denoted above).

– Between [Times], refreshment station volunteers will assist in tapping the water hydrant, using a garden hose to fill the water jugs, filling cups with water, setting out bananas and granola bars, and any other set-up requirements.

– When participants of the 4-mile race AND the one-mile fun run finish, please distribute cups of water, bananas, and granola bars to all participants.  Do your best to keep participants who have finished the race moving, so the area does not become jammed.  DO NOT HAND OUT WATER OR REFRESHMENTS TO NON-RACE PARTICIPANTS, UNLESS IT IS AN EMERGENCY SITUATION.

– We will have trash containers set up next to each water station for used cups.  When the race is finished, please help clean the area of any discarded cups on the ground.  Before you leave the water station, make sure the street is clear of major trash (mostly cups), the trash can is moved up onto the sidewalk, and the tables are folded down and stacked neatly on the sidewalk.  Water jugs should be emptied (dump remaining water into the street), hoses, and water tap equipment should be collected and taken by the refreshment station captain. We must have every single item off of [Street Name] by [Time] Once the area is clean and all items accounted for, and you have received the “all-clear” from designated race personnel, you may leave.

[List of Items to be dealt with]


[Parking Location]

Metro Link is another option for some events.

Finish Area volunteers will report directly to the Volunteer Check-In Tent (according to the attached map) by [Time].


Please wear khaki shorts/pants (women can wear skirts if you prefer) and tennis shoes. You will receive a volunteer t-shirt at the Volunteer Check-In Tent when you arrive.  Remember not to bring any valuables with you since we do not have a place for you to store them. The [Event Organizers] will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.

Attached please find a map of [Event Location Area] (the start/ finish area).

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on race day!

Videos & Documents

This section provides race directors valuable information for themselves or for race participants. Below is downloadable materials and videos to which you may share with your race participants in a pre-race mailing or at packet pickup. This also enables race directors to grasp a further understanding of the technology used during their event.

B-Tag Information
B-Tag Directions PDF

D-Tag Information
5 x 7 Expo Signage PDF
Bike Application Directions PDF
Shoe Application Directions PDF
Shoe Application Directions Video

ChronoTrack Live Information
Registration Buttons/Logos
ChronoTrack Live Overview Video

Customer Product Review Videos
Ferguson Twilight Run
Girls on the Run: St. Louis
GO! St. Louis